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10 Animation Apps

10 Animation Apps

I have blogged previously about the power of apps that tell stories as
an educational activity. It stimulates higher order thinking skills, it
provides opportunities for reflection and it enriches the learning
experience for our students. So here I have listed apps that allow your
students to create animations. I love the simplicity with which
animations allow difficult concepts to be easily explained. These apps
provide you with another set of tools to enhance your students learning.

Animation Studio $0.99AU

Why take the time to create your Animation if you can't add a Soundtrack
or Export as a .mov File? Animation Studio allows you to create and
share your animations!. Anyone can animate. You can easily create your
own animated movies, add characters and a soundtrack w/ voice, music +
text to speech, then share with anyone, anywhere in HD via .mov file
export, email, YouTube, or broadcast on Apple TV via AirPlay™!

Animation Desk for iPad $4.99AU

Animation Desk for iPad is a mobile app that allows users to create
hand-drawn animations on iPad. The drawing interface provided by the app
resembles the real working environment of a professional animator who
completes each frame of an animation on a specially-designed desk, the
animation desk. Despite its professional design, Animation Desk for iPad
is easy and intuitive to work with.

Toonastic $1.99 AU

Making cartoons is as easy as putting on a puppet show - simply press
the button, move characters, and tell your stories through play. Once
you are done, Toontastic will playback your animation and voice asa
cartoon for you to share with firends and classmates. Toontastic teaches
key storytelling principles that help to promote Creativity at a young
age. Its drawing tools bring kids’ wildest ideas to life alongside
virtual sets chock full of characters and settings to spark the

Kids Animation FREE

This free version of the successful 'Animation Studio' App provides all
the tools you need to create great Animations on your iPad! Paint, draw,
add Fun Stamps and even your own Soundtrack! For Help, Tap the "?"
Button and check out our full In-App Tutorial! Easy! The 'Kid' Series
Apps are built for Kids of all Ages to be Wholesome Entertainment and
Family Safe. Advertisers have even been asked to be considerate of Ad

Animation Creator HD $1.99

Animation Creator HD allows your creativity to come to life on your iPad
and iPad 2! You are the director! With simple, yet powerful drawing
tools, color palettes, color sliders, and easy to use frame management,
you're only limited by your imagination! Animate till your heart's
content. Your animations will look smooth and life-like with the high
frame rate playback of Animation Creator HD! This is an really cool app.

PuppetPals: FREE + $2.99

Create your own animated stories. Simply pick out the characters, drag
them onstage and tap record. Movements and audio are recorded for your
performance. You get to be a silly as you like making funny voices to
match your characters. If you get the Directors Pass for the extra
charge you can act out a story of Pirates on the high seas, fight scary
monsters or play the part of a wild west bandit. It is more expensive
but gives you heaps more options for the budding animator.

Flip Boom Lite: FREE

Draw and animate cartoons on your iPad with FlipBoom Lite from Toon Boom
Animation! A light version of ToonBoom's award-winning software Flip
Boom Classic, this fun and intuitive drawing application makes it easy
to doodle and create simple smooth-looking cartoon animations. FlipBoom
Lite is ideal for learning how to sketch and animate your drawings to
create cartoons.

Flickmation Lite or Flickmation $4.49

Create hand (finger?) drawn animations on your iPad and bring life to
those stickmen. Flickmation lets you create animations (flickbooks or
flipbooks) on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You draw each frame and then
play through the frames bringing your creation to life. When connected
to a WiFi network you can copy your animations and stamps to and from
your computer. FlickmationHelper, a Java application for your computer,
makes this simple and easy to do.

iAnimator $0.99

iAnimator allows you to create animations based on photos you have taken
on the camera or photos you have loaded onto your ipad from itunes.
Select up to twenty images to create an animation. Take multiple photos
in sequence then load them into the app in the order you require. Them
adjust the speed and frequency of the animation with the slider bar and
the loop counter. Once you have setup your animation you can select play
to view your animation.

Doink Animation $5.49 AU

This has been one of the most fun apps I have played with for some time.
This was another app I could not get near because my 12 year old
commandeered it for the whole day after I downloaded it. She had her
first animation up and running in under 5 minutes. I was impressed! She
was impressed! This is always a good sign from a tech savvy kid who is
aware of what will and won't work with her peers at school. I liked the
way the app can be operated with simple gestures.

DoInk Animation
is also a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of
family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and

As an art teacher this is the type of app that really excites me, not
only for what we could do with it in art but because we could showcase
the possibility of an app like this to other subject areas as well.
Being so easy to use was one of the things that immediately struck me
with DoInk.
I love the concept. The ghosted image of the previous drawing means
that sophisticated gestures and movements can be obtained even by the
youngest of kids. The older students would really take this to the next
level. Using a stylus does give you a better experience but it is not
really needed.

Storytelling as an educational activity is experiencing strong support
at the moment from educationalists. The higher order thinking skills
needed to analyse a situation and then illustrate it to a perceived
audience is one which many teachers and parents are looking to emulate.
The storytelling aspect of a tools like this is excellent.

As an educator I am all about making information entertaining as well as
educational. So many times in my classroom my students have achieved
the most stunning outcomes when they have not realised they were
involved in the activity of learning. DoInk looks like an excellent app for replicating this learning. Check out the youtube clip from the guys over at iPadCreative.
I have directed you to these guys before because they have some really
cool stuff on their website. They are also generous with their time on
evaluating apps for education. Enjoy!

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