Monday, December 15, 2014

How can MIKE CUSTOMISED help you?

Share your data with internal and external clients with the help of
MIKE CUSTOMISED! The above example demonstrates on-line access to DHI
wave and tidal flow model simulations for energy resource scoping
studies - view the interactive map at

In 2011, 3.4 MW of wave and tidal energy devices in advanced stages of
technology development had been tested across Europe. The International
Energy Agency Ocean Energy Systems (OES-IA) vision document, "An
International Vision for Ocean Energy”, has forecasted a global wave and
tidal deployment potential of 337GW by 2050. Reaching these deployment
targets would see long-term benefits including a reduction in carbon
emissions, greater security of supply, and economic benefits through job
creation and inward investment. If Europe is to maintain a global lead
in ocean energy and gain the benefits associated with meeting these
targets, an aggressive deployment trajectory will be required

Khondoker Hafizur Rahman

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