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iOS Writing Prompts

iOS Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts seems to have been a recurring conversation on twitter
recently so I wanted to investigate what was available for teachers. I
was surprised to see just how many apps designed for writing prompts
there were. What is nice, is how many of these can be used for all
grades. I really like the interface of some of these and I think your
kids will too. Find a couple that will suit your students and your
teaching style. Please list any more that you know of in the comments.

Write about this: $4.49 and FREE

The world is full of scenes with stories yet to be written...what will
you Write About? Write About This is a visual writing prompt and
creation tool! With endless ways to respond and the ability to craft
custom photo prompts, it will kick-start any writing activity. Multiple
authors can write and save to the gallery.

The Brainstormer: $1.99 AU

The Brainstormer is kindling for creative minds. A tactile tool to
randomly combine a plot, a subject and a setting or style, the
Brainstormer provides a moment of inspiration for writers, painters, or
any creative mind. Combat creative block, spark new ideas and summon up
quick subjects matter.

Writing Prompts: $1.99 AU

The writing prompt generators use current events, scene elements, words,
sketches, colours, genres and writing types, unleashing endless random
bits of fantasy to fuel your muse. Plus, we've included our database of
600 creative writing prompts so you've got them right at your finger
tips, online or off!

Prompts for Writers: FREE

Prompts is full of original writing prompts to ensure you never have a
dull moment of writing. Feeling stuck? Press the lightning bolt at any
time and you'll be presented with a prompt to help inspire you. Even if
you don't know where to start writing, just open the app and press the
plus button .

Things to think about: FREE

Kids’ Things to Think About provides 100 prompts to spark thinking for
written responses and encourage conversations about ideas and issues for
kids. Created by students and teachers in Michigan, it can be used in
classrooms by allowing children to explore the prompts and by using them
to guide a discussion.

Writing Prompts for Kids: $1.99 AU

Boost students' creative writing skills with writing prompts that will
spark their imaginations. This writing prompt generator is quick and
easy to use; your students will have an inspiring writing topic in
seconds. Just tap the screen to pick a situation, a character, a
setting, and an object.

iDeas for Writing: $1.99 AU

If you like writing, you don't have to worry about the creative blocks
or the fear of the blank page anymore. Thanks to "iDeas for Writing",
you will always carry with you a whole writing workshop with creative
triggers and exercises to get your imagination flowing. You will have a
smart notebook for writing within the app.

Lost the Plot Writing Prompts Generator: $1.99 AU

Lost the Plot? Then this is the app for you. It is, of course, a writing
prompts generator. That much is true but, it is so much more. The
prompts held in the digital mind of this app are a little different to
the prompts out there in the world. This app generates prompts a little
left of centre.

Character Prompts: $2.99 AU

Character Prompts gives you 19 different profile characteristics. We
take the process of character development to the next level by adding
thousands of character twists and 150 thought provoking questions for
your character. Shake your device, swipe across the screen or tap a tab
to change prompts.

A+ Writing Prompts: $5.49 AU

Writing.Com presents "A+ Writing Prompts", the education version of
"Writing Prompts", the iPhone app with an endless supply of creative
inspiration! The app includes all of our prompt generators and prompts
packs, with no in-app purchases, and at a discounted price, making it
perfect for teachers and students.

Story Dice: $1.99 AU

Story Dice is a creative tool to prompt ideas for plot, character, and
setting. This idea generator can be used effectively for both written
and oral storytelling.  The user interface is simple enough for ages 3+
to use without any additional instruction. A general writing prompt for
all ages without reading or native language barriers.

Rory's Story Cubes: $1.99 AU

Keep all your Rory’s Story Cubes in the one place. The ultimate, mobile
storytelling game loved by children, parents on the go, creative
writers, progressive teachers and games masters.

 9 cubes, 54 images,
Over 10 million combinations. Can you create a story using all 9 face-up

Story Spark: $2.99 AU

Do you have writer's block? Use Story Spark to generate a plot twist or
surprise for your current work in progress. Just apply the spark to your
current characters, or have them meet someone new! Great for the
reluctant writer, young and old. Never fear the blank page again!

Silly Story Starters: $1.99 AU

Silly Story Starters generates millions of creative writing ideas for
kids. It provides the ability for kids to save their writing and
remembers the student's information for 'publishing' by email. The app
stores the projects as a collection as well as offering editing
capabilities for existing writing projects.

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