Monday, December 15, 2014

On the subject of cheap essays

Thank you for your complimentary comments on my blog post on educational policy.
I am afraid I cannot reciprocate about the Cheap Essay service that you
offer. I have not published your comments. I have placed them in the
spam box where they belong. (Actually they belong in a box marked “Roast
the sender slowly over an open fire”, but I don't have one of those.) I
will also place there any subsequent comments I get from you or your
colleagues. Perhaps you are in fact all one person, suffering the Grant Shapps illusion that
using another name makes you somehow invisible, or perhaps more
plausible than you really are.  I picture you as a sharp faced
individual with a expression that you think displays worldly cunning but
which actually looks shifty to everybody else. You make a reasonable
income out of connecting the immoral with the unfortunate, enough to
enable you to keep drinking premium lager and to fuel your patio heater.
You probably want to drive a BMW but you can't afford one yet. I hope
you never do. In the educational world you are the worst kind of
parasite, making your living out of encouraging students to cheat.
There's a line in that piece about Grant Shapps that suits you nicely:
“it’s hard to escape the sense of a bloke who has always felt the need
for deceit in order to get on”.

You only exist because in most of the world educational policy, like
society in general, has become obsessed with measurement rather than
development. You already live in the world the neoliberals are trying to
create for the rest of us, a world with no soul, with no ethics, with
no hint of humanity, a world intended for the 1% with a loaf or two
thrown overboard to the technical and managerial classes the owners need
to maintain their grip on the entire population's information and
production. Their mission ultimately is to destroy creativity, because
creativity is the one thing needed for disruption and revolution, and
you are the anaesthetic to their scalpel. For them schooling is
necessary because skills are needed to run the world, but the problem
with schooling for them is that it enables people to think. So they
employ two means to prevent people thinking too much. The first is the
obsession with measurement that has gripped our political classes for
the last thirty years, and has squeezed the soul out of any kind of
teaching relationship from kindergarten on. The second is the propensity
of neoliberal thinking to remove any hint of ethics from consideration
of human behaviour, so that all that matters is the achievement of a
position regardless of the means by which you got there. For so many
students the destination has become everything, the journey nothing,
robbed of substance  by the vacuous febrility of a money obsessed world.
And it is only because of that that you exist. Otherwise there would be
as much use for you as there is for a pimple on a teenager's acned

You are the ultimate neoliberal. (In my house that is a term of abuse,
in case you didn't quite get it.) You know the cost of everything and
the value of nothing. You will have to travel a long way, a long long
way, to get from where you are to any point where you might understand
that the value of learning is in the effort, the struggle to put one's
own thought on paper, something earned with sweat, brain muscle,
sometimes actual hurt and disappointment, but ultimately joy in knowing
that you achieved something yourself, and are a better person for having
figured out yourself where this particular piece of the jigsaw fits.
It's not just something bought with the cash value of a cheque or a
credit card.

If I ever meet you, I will shove a rhinoceros up your fundament pointy
end first. You probably don't know the meaning of the word “fundament”
do you. Look it up. Oh, of course. You don't do “looking things up”.

If you are in any way hurt or offended by what I have said, this picture is for you.

(The picture belongs to Rentokil, by the way -  - which gives me another option for dealing with your verminous self, should I ever meet you.)

Khondoker Hafizur Rahman

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