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Apps on Antarctica

Apps on Antarctica

Antarctica is one of those places that is interesting to students across
a range of year groups. It is an area of research where young students
can find out about the places and explorers. It is also a area where
older students can delve into the scientific research that is being
release about the icy continent and its changing nature under man's
influence. Here are some apps that students can use as an intro to the
world of Antarctica.

Apps as the Basis of Learning Activities:

It would be very easy to put together a series of activities based on
these apps. The students become content creators based on the
information and narratives contained within the apps. I could see a blog
as the Digital Portfolio where the students document the evidence of
their learning by creating;

  • Student made Mocumentaries
  • A day in the life of an Antarctic Scientist
  • Interviews with the main protagonists of a particular story
  • Google Map Tours of expeditions
  • eBooks retelling the stories of early explorers
  • eBooks on endangered species in Antarctica
  • eBooks on scientific discoveries found in the Antarctic
  • a YouTube channel of current events in Antarctica
  • an Infographic of the food chain in Antarctica
  • a Skype session with an Antarctic Scientist

Antarctica for Kids Discovery: FREE

Take a tour of the coldest, driest, iciest, and windiest continent on
Earth! Learn about the explorers who first stepped foot onto Antarctica,
discover how an iceberg is born, and make a penguin egg hatch with your
fingertips! In this app you’ll learn all about Antarctica: A Giant
Research Lab

Antarctic Voyages: FREE

The Antarctic Voyages app lets you view up-to-date information about the
current (or most recent) Antarctic voyage as conducted by the
Australian Antarctic Division with Australia's Antarctic research
vessel, the RV Aurora Australis. Live webcam images, ship tracking and
scientific sensors.


CLAST shows the evolution in the last 150.000 years, of the environment
in the area of the Ross Sea as it has been reconstructed by scientists
and as a reaction to the climate changes. The movement of the ice shelf,
the fluxes of glaciers and their sediments. Travel back in time to see
what it looked like.

Mission Antarctica: FREE

Mission Antarctica is an educational interface for middle school as they
follow an Antarctic expedition. Access content from the expedition
including a live web-cam, a educational site and the science and
multimedia content that specifically relates to Antarctica and
scientific research in Antarctica.

Catchalot: FREE

Dive in with Duke University’s Cachalot app, a novel digital textbook
designed for students everywhere. The encyclopedic portion of the app
covers all forms of marine megafauna in easy to read species profiles
accompanied by captivating digital media. Learn from a new expert every

Antarctica - Land of Ice: $2.99

Antarctica - Land of Ice is a visual tour with over 160 images of
icebergs, penguins, seals, birds, whales with historical information,
image captions and photo tips. External web links provide more
information on species, locations, and historical exploration of the

Antarctica Wildlife Guide: $10.49

Going to Antarctica? Then this is the ultimate wildlife guide for you.
Up-to-date Wikipedia articles of all the main wildlife that are found on
Antarctica. Prepare for your trip by caching all articles and images on
your Device. Read about the animals at leisure on your trip without
Internet connection.

Album Antarctica HD: FREE

The Antarctic stuns people. Instead of white silence, filled with the
whistle of a cutting wind only, something incredible appears before you:
blue, light pink ice formations; grottos, caves and whole palaces made
from turquoise glass. The sixth continent doesn’t resemble any other

Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne: $2.99 AU

An Antarctic Mystery is Jules Verne's is set in 1839 where an American
Jeorling is now looking for a passage back to the USA from Kerguelen
Islands. They meet a stray iceberg with a sailor's dead body on it. A
note found from him indicates that he survived an assassination attempt
at Tsalal.

Cold Claim: FREE

The place is Antarctica. The year is 2049. Your mission is to locate and
extract what is now Earth’s most precious resource: Paleo Water. As
expedition leader prepare to navigate harsh terrain, prospect for Paleo,
discover artifacts, and claim coldly contested land... while outwitting
your rivals and protecting your reputation.

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