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Animated GIFs on your iPad

Animated GIFs on your iPad

An Animated Gif is a series of photographs that are contained within the
one file in order to create an illusion of movement. The Graphics
Interchange Format ( GIF) has been in existence since 1987 but has only
really found favour on the internet in the last couple of years. Many
websites actually use GIFs as part of their banners in order to create
movement and interest in an otherwise static webpage. GIFs can be
created to illustrate a single action at which point the animation
ceases or they can be produced to create an infinite loop. Here are a
couple of GIF creators for iOS in order to explore the possibilities of
GIFs in your classroom, on your website or even just as an illustration
of a concept. Enjoy!

Note: The GIF above was created by one of my students using an online tool called and not an iOS app

Echograph: FREE

Echograph is a storytelling medium made for iOS. Explore new
possibilities in animated photography. Created by artists for artists.
Share your Echographs directly to Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.
Download your Echographs from iTunes for use in Final Cut, Keynote,
iBooks Author, or HTML5.

GifBoom: FREE

Gifboom lets you capture and share your moments. It's simple, fast and
effortless to create amazing clips with added features. Gifboom combines
video and gif editing with social networking features. Multiple capture
modes: Stop Motion, Burst, Auto and Timer as well as dozen of vintage
real time filters.

Moquu: FREE

Animate your photos! Create animated GIFs and share them with ease!
Moquu helps you simplify the way you do and lets you focus on your
creative side to create fantastic loops. On top of that, with our unique
MultiMe feature you're going to be able to impress your friends with
awesome multilayered photos.

Gif Camera: FREE

Top #10 Photography App in more than 50 countries! Shot pics into GIF
animations, and easily share to social media. Tap the screen and capture
frames from camera, one by one. Tap the play button at any time, to
preview your GIF. Feel free to adjust the speed as your animation is
playing. Save or share it!

GifMill: FREE

GifMill lets you create animated GIFs and share them via social media.
Make animated GIFs with photos from your Camera Roll or take video or
photos with your device camera. Adjust the frame speed, and rearrange
and delete frames. Save GIFs to your device, or share it via email, text
message, Tumblr or Twitter.

Gifmator: FREE

Ever wondered how to create Gif images. The kinds that move and repeat
themselves? Have you made one of them and wondered how you could put
some nostalgic creativity into them? Gifmator is your answer. Gifmator
is an easy way to create animated GIFs on all iOS enabled devices.

GifNic: FREE

Gifnic lets you shoot animated Gifs just like taking pictures. Add
filters and text, and share with your friends. Shoot Gifs like you would
shoot a regular photo or by pressing and holding the shutter button. I
like the ability to save your Gifs directly to your dropbox or Google
Drive folders.

GifBox: $0.99 AU

gifBox is a powerful tool for converting videos into custom animated
GIFs. With gifBox, animated GIFs are super easy to send to share with
your friends. Include Text Message, Email, on Facebook or even on
Twitter. It's simple and fun to use. No sign up or registration. Give it
a try, we think you'll like it.

GifQuick: $1.99 AU

Gifquick is the quickest and easiest way to share animated GIFs. With
Gifquick you can share and play animated GIFs on Facebook!  Direct GIF
URLs allow you to easily share your GIF just about anywhere: SMS,
Message, Twitter, Email, Tumblr, Wordpress, your web site - anywhere you
can post an image.

Giffer Pro: $4.49 AU

Giffer Pro provides double length longer GIFs. The best part about
Giffer Pro is its powerful simplicity. Advanced features are there when
you need them, yet unobtrusive enough to let you create a simple GIF in
just a few taps. Create virtually any kind of GIF format available.

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