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15 October deadline: applying on time

To begin with, let’s just clarify exactly what this deadline is for. The 15 October deadline is only for applications to most 
medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine/science courses, as well as all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
Meeting the deadline means that your application will receive equal
consideration from your chosen universities and colleges. You can still
apply after the deadline, but your application won't be guaranteed to
get equal consideration.

So what counts as meeting the deadline? Well it’s pretty straightforward
– we must receive your completed application before 18:00 (UK time) on
15 October. That means you must have completed every section, and paid
for and sent your application by this time. If you’re applying through
your school or college, they must have sent it to us before this time

Don't wait until the last minute!

As with any kind of deadline, it’s never a good idea to wait until the
last minute. Aim to send your application as soon as you can, that way
you have enough time to overcome any issues you face.


Prepare to pay

If you’re applying independently you’ll have to pay for your application
before you can send it. If you’re applying with your school then this
is true for you too unless your school has agreed to let us bill them
instead (you’ll know if this is the case because you won’t be asked to
make a payment before you send your application to your referee).

So for the majority of you who will need to pay with a credit or debit
card – make sure you know which card you’re going to use, and check
there’s enough money in the account. You’ll need to pay either £12 (for
one course) or £23 (for multiple courses).

A word of warning...If you enter invalid payment details five
times you’ll be locked out from making any more attempts, and for
security reasons you’d need to
call us to unlock your account.

Give school enough time to review your application 

(This bit’s only for those of you applying with a school or college, so independent applicants can skip ahead.)

When you send your application to your school or college, the tutor
assigned to you will read through your application and make sure you’ve
entered everything correctly. If they spot a mistake, for example you’ve
forgotten to add one of the subjects you’re taking; they might send it
back to you to make changes.

Even if your application is completely error free, your school still
needs more than a few minutes to get your application sent off. It’s
unlikely that yours is the only application they need to approve and
send, plus it’s possible they’ll only be looking to see which
applications are ready during school hours. If you think you’re going to
be sending your application to them close to the deadline, speak to
your tutor about this in advance.

Remember: Simply sending it to your school or college before the
deadline won't count as sending it on time; it has to be received by

Remember your reference

However you request a reference (whether you're applying independently
or through a school or college), you must have a reference included in
your application before it can be sent to UCAS.

If you're applying independently and you’ve agreed with the universities
that a reference is not required – read the information on the
reference page of your application to see what to do. Only do this if
you have definitely spoken to the universities you’re applying to and
had confirmation that they don’t need to see a reference for you.

Know your login details 

To log into your application you’ll need your username and password, so
if you’re going to be sending your application close to the deadline,
make sure you definitely know your login details.

If you have problems logging in, read our blog post '
The five reasons why you can't log into your application (and how to overcome them)'.

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